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Friday, March 25th, 2022 10:12 PM



Message to install the Chrome micro toolbar

Why does the Chrome Micro toolbar need to be installed?

I bought Trend with the expectation that it will work away in the background providing protection with little intrusion on any other software being run and with little or no input from me.

I expect the functions included in the microtool bar software to work the same way.

Once I install trend why do I need to install these extra functions, shouldn't they be installed when I installed your software?

Why do I need to install something that takes up screen space, shouldn't these functions just work to protect my computer in the back ground?

Why does it remind me to install these functions, shouldn't Trend detect that I am using chrome and automatically provide the Chrome protection?

P.S. Why would Trend direct me to a forum that is populated by other customers not expert who work within the company and know the philosophy behind the design? Do you really like your dirty washing to be hung out for all to see?

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