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Sun, Sep 17, 2017 12:45 AM


Max Security 2017 12.x update wipes out Max Security 10.x version ? ? ?

I have an XP system.  I have been happily chugging along using Trend Micro.  I believe it was a 10.x series - and it was successfully updating UNTIL Sept 2017.  When the Trend Micro Maximum did its usual update it looks like it shifted to the non-XP-compatible 12.x version.  Following the 'update' the icon became non-responsive and I could not open the console. 

I removed all traces of Trend Micro Maximum Security and reinstalled the 10.X version and everything looked and worked like normal again.   THEN the program did an update and once again the icon became non-functional ( could not right click on it to bring up the options ).

Any idea how to install the 10.X version and get it to NOT update to the 12.x version ?   I found it funny that my original installation has functioned 100% properly UP UNTIL this September 'update'.

And please don't mention about upgrading to Windows 10.  I have a monstrously powerful Windows 10 system ( with Trend Micro running on it ) ... but I happen to make constant use of this beautifully powered XP machine ( and I have no desire to load the Win 10 operating system on to  it ).