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Wed, Mar 31, 2021 4:02 AM


Too much!

Over ten years ago I purchased Trend Micro PC-Ciline, it was the greatest virus protection I ever found because after installing and regestering it did everything in the background! I was never interupted while at work on my PC and at home while playing my games. Trend Micro never asked me stupid questions like: 'Do you want to download the lastest virus protection?' 'Do you want to install the downloaded virus protection?' It just did it! Now I have to reinstall my program after ever new virus update as well as have to reboot my system before you'll let me continue working on my PC. This is just a stupid Marketing trick. Why would you ask me to upgrade my virus protection when I just did? Because you think your users are stupid and will just buy another year, the only problem is you don't add a year any more! Everyday I'm sent a message from Trend Micro for some stupid excuse or reason. I've toggled no messages and yet I'm still intrerupted from working or playing on my computer asking if I want more protection or upgrade my software! These are all just Marketing tricks or scheemes and I really don't appreciate it. I'm sick and tired of these stupid Marketing schemes and if you want me as a promoter and customer please STOP IT!


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3 m ago

Hi ,


Welcome to Trend Micro Home Users Community!


Thank you for the continued support.


Some program updates are important/critical that need to be downloaded in the soonest time. It may require you to restart your computer to take effect immediately. The main reason for these is to keep your devices protected through the latest updates.


You may use the Mute Mode if you are playing on your computer to automatically stop non-critical notification when your computer is in full-screen mode. You may check the link below to know how to use the Mute Mode.


How to use Mute Mode


I hope this helps.


- TM_Kath