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Wed, May 27, 2020 9:17 PM

Latest version flagging output of new installer - software developer

Hey there. Been running this for a while. I also write software for a living.

Today I finished a long running project, and created an installer using the Nullsoft Install System. Trend Micro detected every file written as a virus and deleted it (even though the software installed has been running on the machine for months ;) ).

I write my own software. I can't manually add an exception for every single file being created, nor is it very much fun to have to tag each file individually just to repeat the test.

I don't want to turn Trend Micro off (and I shouldn't have to) and I'm in favor with the concept of heuristics, but there needs to be a way to tell it when the heuristic was /wrong/. At the very least, software installed via a standard installer should have SOME assumption of user-intent. (For what it's worth, the software just reads an internet webcam and communicates motion to a PLC - nothing nefarious - so I don't know what the heuristic picked up on).

Trend Micro Maximum Security version 16.0, last update 5/27/2020. Detection HEU_CDPLC013 (uninstaller), HEU_CDPLC016 (shortcuts to app and uninstaller), and HEU_AEGISCS941 (application).

NullSoft Install System version 3.05.

Is there at least somewhere I can go to see what it's detecting??