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Sun, Mar 31, 2019 5:53 PM


Keep getting message "powershell.exe" has been blocked. How do I remove it?

At boot up and once an hour after, I get a pop up saying that TrendMicro has blocked powershell.exe from accessing a folder.  I googled powershell.exe and found that it is a legit MS program, but also often used by hackers, sometimes for ransomware.  The advice to remove it is "scan with your security software".  I have done so, several times, but the scan shows no issues.  The pop up and warning keeps on coming up.  Rebooting does not help.  One online tip said to look in the C: drive.  I did that, and found 4 powershell.exe files that were recently created so I deleted them.  They come back, however, and the hourly pop-ups continue.  Obviously I have a malware program that is trying to access my files and TrendMicro is blocking it.  Thank you, TM!  Now, how do I remove the program entirely?  Here is a screenshot: