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Thu, Aug 24, 2017 6:33 AM


Info about Protection Against Social Network Threats

On my laptop TM flagged a friend's website as a web threat. It is rated Dangerous (49). It says it is detected by Protection Against Social Network Threats.
Since I'm a tech I thought I'd offer her some suggestions but I cannot find a thing about this in the support section. A detailed information page would be nice with answers to these questions and more:
- What is "Protection Against Social Network Threats"?
- Is this a TM company/product or someone else's?
- Is there a page that describes how it evaluates websites?
- How often are websites checked?
- Does the (49) point to the problem on that site?
- What database, who's database checks the site?
- How does a TM flagged website owner find out what triggered that rating?
- How does a website owner submit their site directly for reevaluation?

Thank you