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Mon, Sep 13, 2021 6:09 PM

I'm having a difficult time getting my laptop to see my phone.

I have a ms book and an android g8. What am I missing?




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4 d ago

Hi, almilton2u


Welcome to the Trend Micro Home Users Community! 


We've checked your account and the subscription is already activated and installed on 1 computer. If you are referring to installing it on Chromebook, what we can only install is the Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge.

To install it on your Chromebook, click the link below:  

Trend Micro Security for Best Buy


To install it on your Mac and Windows computers, you may follow the steps on the link below: 

How to install Trend Micro for Windows bought from Best Buy


Below are the steps you need to follow to install it on mobile devices:  

How to install Mobile Security for iOS

How to install Mobile Security for Android


By the way, you may also manage your Trend Micro subscription on our online portal.


- TM_Rochelle