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Thu, Jul 26, 2018 6:59 PM


I posted problem/issue : A warning msg came after a Win10 update, & was unable to run the TMIS quick,full or custom scan.

I posted two problem descriptions I saw yesterday. None are listed today-why not? After finishing the msg , entered a second msg, and tried to sign-off, both times, on this account board I saw  error messages but they were different, is this why they are not here? One of the Warning messages came after a Win10 update(1.5 hr long), and was unable to run the TMIS quick or full or custom scan...The warning message seemed to come from an official popup TM window that said that I am unable to run because "an existing scan is in progress"(which was not true),and It asked to "please, try again later."; The other two were error messages upon sign-off from my account. This description was reentered today.  Whats happening here? [Today. TM is more functional. Not back to normal (HP Printer not working) I think. The explanation I guess is that after the Win update the PC rebooted several times. After the last reboot, I thought I'd run the TMIS to check my pc. Thats when the error messages occurred. Well, since then the PC has been rebooted twice and the TM scan now works-still Checking fs, the feedback sign-in and sign-off are ok. Can this be confirmed by TM staff?]