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Sat, Sep 21, 2019 11:52 PM

Hello. I can't get MetaTrader 4 to work.

Hello. I can't get MetaTrader 4 to work and I think this is only since renewing my subscription to TrendMicro and updating my software. It seems that the data flow of prices isn't coming through even though there is a data connection. Could this be a security setting that needs changing?
On top of the MT4 platform I need to run a trade signal generating program called Smartcharts.
A Smartcharts representative suggested I contact you to find out what may have changed in the security program that blocks non HTTP protocols from connecting. This is what he thinks is happening.
But in saying this, even plain old MT4 isn't working. Could it be the same issue?

Computer: Lenovo 100S, Windows 10