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Fri, May 13, 2016 9:45 PM


False warnings with Joomla mootools-core.js.

I have three sites built using Joomla. Two of those sites are the most recent version and fully patched. However, all Trend Micro Toolbar (I use Chrome) flags a specific java script file on all three as being dangerous and blocks the website.


When I first received this error, I thought that I had really be compromised and infected. However, after receiving this same error an all three sites, I started to think that this is a false alarm. Also, I check my webmaster tools on Google, and Google said there is no issue with any of my sites.

It appears to me, that the latest update from Trend Micro must have included this file is causing the issue. How can I tell that this is really an issue, and not a false flag? If it is a false flag, how can I remove the file from the list? I don't want to put a blanket exception in the exception list, because what if my sites do get compromised I would like to keep have a true warning, not a false one. How can I resolve this issue?

Thank you.