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Tue, Apr 4, 2017 10:28 PM


Dual boot & the computer name has to stay the same


I installed a dual boot system today (windows 7 and windows 10). The windows 7 uses 1 of my 3 licenses of Internet Security, the other 2 are on other PCs.
I'll buy a 4th license - not a problem, but I cannot change the name of the PC. There are several hard disks installed and shared on the network. Users would be totally confused if one time they have to use one name, the other time another to connect. What can I do ? And - no, I can't ask the users to use the IP - most of them are on Mac and we had a real difficult time to get the network stable. I need a Trendmicro solution, not a network modification.

How to use the same PC-name for 2 active licenses?

Thanks in advance