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Wed, Sep 1, 2021 6:29 AM

Default: Delete (not Quarantine)?

I know for a fact we've all heard of a quarantine process now that COVID-19 has made it's presence known across the globe. So, why does Maximum Security default to deleting files / software (erroneously I may add -- in my case -- before I could add the exception) instead of quarantine? Or, at the very least, prompt me before deleting anything? This is just stupid from a user experience standpoint. You think its OK to delete user files without prompting the user or quarantine first? You people are crazy. I may not be using your product for much longer if I see another stupid UX / usability issue that affects the functionality of my system (or code I'm writing -- yes, I'm a software developer). You guys need a lot of help in the design of your software. But, you could start by looking at your competitors -- they all quarantine before deleting anything.

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3 m ago

Hi say2joe!


There are certain files that will be deleted by Trend Micro immediately, this type of files are categorized as dangerous to prevent malware attacks.


For some files, that are being scanned and not an immediate threat or could be a false positive detection. The software will have an option for you to keep or delete the detected file.


May I also, know what file it is that had been detected by Trend Micro so we can analyze it.


Awaiting for you response.




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