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Fri, May 28, 2021 5:17 AM

Cryptocurrency Scams: What You Should Know

Cryptocurrency Scams: What You Should Know

This week, the Trend Micro Check team shares useful information about Cryptocurrency Scams and tips to protect yourself & your money.




4 Common Cryptocurrency Scams



1. Fake Cryptocurrency Websites


ImageFake bitcoin trading website. Source: Reddit




2. Cryptocurrency Giveaway Scams



Bitcoin giveaway scam text message. Source: Reddit



3. Cryptocurrency Scams via romance scam


Some scammers trick victims into investing in cryptocurrency in a romance scam. They first reach out to victims via social media or online dating sites and get close to them. After victims believe they are in a relationship, scammers start to talk about investment opportunities in cryptocurrency, luring victims to join in by wiring money or through phishing links to fake investment websites.



4. Cryptocurrency Scams by Impersonators



Coinbase scam text message. Source: Reddit




Read the full article here and learn how to protect yourself from cryptocurrency scams.



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