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Sat, Jan 19, 2019 12:06 PM

could TM please run scans during early morning as I selected?

doesn't scan when it is time.   difficult to open.   sucks
I miss my previous AV.   will NOT renew unless improvements are made soon!





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3 y ago

Hi moos553

Welcome to TM Home users Community, a public site where volunteers try to help each-other , also there are TM Employees that can give answers, that is only at working hours. I am just a volunteer!
Whats the problem with this?

Hope this helps,

Kind regards,




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3 y ago

Hi moos553

I'm sorry to hear of your experience. Are you able to configure the scheduled scan exactly how Tom showed it? Please also note that the Scheduled Scan will not work in the following scenarios:
  • You have a special screen saver running.
  • Your computer is on hibernation mode.
To resolve this, you may follow the instructions in this link: 

Scheduled scan of Trend Micro Security software is not working

Let us know how it goes.