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Tue, Apr 23, 2019 3:19 PM


cannot update my virus software because it wants me to renew and I have two weeks left on subscription

I cannot update my virus scan because my subscription expires in two weeks!!! Are you kidding me? So nutshell I have outdated virus protection and they want me to renew? Or I do not get to update. Really I paid for a full year of protection and updates. Not two weeks shy of a year. I click on it what do I get? Renew your scubscription but no updates on the virus scanner. I renew my virus protection by getting in in a brick and mortar store. Not online. And if this issue is not fixed. There are other virus programs that run the FULL YEAR WITH UPDATES!!! I just might do that within the two weeks. My computer needs protection not to be held hostage with updates till I renew. Before my subscription expires!!!