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Fri, Sep 16, 2022 8:47 AM

Boot and UEFI protection


Does Trend Micro Maximum Protection protect against Boot and UEFI related malware that cause corruption ? 



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Il y a 7 d

No antivirus offers protection against boot and UEFI malwares. 

There are few which will scan boot and UEFI and warn you if something is wrong , but to get rid of infection you have to flash a new BIOS from manufacturer.

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Il y a 6 d

Hi @muhammadnabeelmansoor!

Trend Micro Security has Boot Kit Solution, it can detect and clean boot kits with the use of 5 different security modules.

Good point @claudiubotezatu, the Trend Micro Boot Kit Solution needs the Master Boot Record (MBR) back up to do the clean-up. 

I'm checking the EUFI protection with our product devs, I'll keep you posted.

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