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Sat, Nov 19, 2016 7:28 PM


blocked connection after update - windows 10

I have Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 (version 11.0.1186)
installed on a dell Vostro 3360 laptop. Following a recent update to Trend Micro, the software that synchronises my activity tracker / running watch (Polar FlowSync - https://www.polar.com) tells me that I no longer have an internet connection - despite the fact that e-mail, web, etc continues to work perfectly. I have tried disabling windows firewall and Trend Micro, and un-installing and re-installing the FlowSyncsoftware, but it has not made any difference.

I get the same problem if I install the FlowSync software on a Windows XP machine. The version of Windows 10 that I have (Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Version 10.0.14393, Build 14393) is an upgrade from Windows XP. The problem only occurred after the Trend Micro update - could the update have changed a setting somewhere so that FlowSync thinks it is on a XP machine?