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Friday, December 2nd, 2022 6:18 AM


Add these gaming terms to your holiday vocabulary and sound like a pro!

Add these gaming terms to your holiday vocabulary and sound like a pro!




Everyone is so excited about this year's Thanksgiving! It's been a long while since we celebrate this festivity in the flesh. Perfect timing to catch up, dine together and spend the best time with our family and friends. 



For teens and teens at heart, this is also a great time to finish or start a new video game and play till you drop!  Did you bond with your kids over video games? You probably heard gaming slangs and wonder what it means. No worries, we got you! Our team put together a list of gaming slangs that you have to know.



1v1 — When players compete against each other one-on-one. Often used when challenging a specific player to a battle.


AFK — Stands for “away from keyboard”, meaning the player is temporarily not playing.


Feeding/Feeder — Somebody who is feeding is intentionally allowing the enemy to kill them.


Killstreak — The number of kills a person gets before dying themselves.


Respawn — When a character dies and comes back to life.



Want to learn more? View the complete list of 40 of the most important gaming slang terms here.



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An understanding of popular gaming slang terms is great to have, but parents and guardians who want to ensure their children are as safe as possible when online will want to check out Trend Micro Family.






Trend Micro Family is an easy-to-use, non-intrusive, and completely free tool that allows you to have insight into what your children are getting up to online, but without them feeling like you’re encroaching on their personal privacy.


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