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Mon, Aug 8, 2016 6:26 PM


A Unresponsive Script with Nonexistent Address Blocks All!

When I have the internet open, I keep getting an Error Message saying that a script may be busy or it is not responding. I repeatedly select the "Stop Script" option and it eventually disappears sometimes leaving the internet or sometimes the computer jammed or Very Slow to respond. The error keeps popping up repeatedly and blocks everything until I can close the internet (I sometimes have to use the Task Manager to close the internet (I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox - Now it has started doing it in Firefox) The Error Message lists the Script as "http://www.saytrax.com/ads?v=1...50&s...". I tried to access www.saytrax.com but I get a message that there is no such address. What in the heck is happening here? Please help!