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Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 2:17 PM


Trend Micro Password Manager

I know Trend Micro takes security issues seriously as I have been told by Trend micro employees here several times. But I would again like to get your attention to provide certain features to Trend Micro's Password manager-

1. Provide a password generator which generates more secure passwords upto 35 characters not just 20 of characters which also uses different characters than simply using the most common ones as we see now.

2. Provide re-captcha feature when signing in for the first time over Password manager portal or signing in for the first time over a device which can protect the users from credential stuffing attacks or mass login attempts like the one that happened with Norton.

3. Please make sure that Password manager can be used with ease when the user is trying to autologin using the password manager. Most of the times I had to copy and paste my id and passwords which is not secure.

4. Provide auto deletion option after few mins (auto deletion of clipboard content).

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5 months ago

Hi @The_Eagle_007 ,

We will forward your feedback and suggestion for product enhancement and please do note that we cannot guarantee full implementation of new features as it will be decided by different groups and stakeholders handling the Password Manager product.

Thank you for the insight you have given.


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