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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 5:55 PM


Trend Micro Password Manager unable to complete login

The Trend Micro Password manager. Yep. So, I've been using this software for a while now, and basically, it works when it wants to work. My Office 365 login attempts go back and forth. It always takes me directly to the login page,  but it won't always input my password to proceed to the next page. I've triple checked the password that is saved for my 365 login, and it's still the same. The web address is correct, I have the updated extension for the tool bar, and everything else is up to date. Yesterday, was when it started to fail completely on logging in. I sign in with my master password to the password manager, click on the Office 365 log in tab, it takes me to the proper login web address, but never fills in my password to proceed to the 365 home page. Its not just the 365 login portal. It does it with UPS as well. I use Chrome as my internet browser. Any help would be appreciated, but after combing the internet, it seems a lot of people are having difficulties with your password manager. A lot of questions, and no answers.  
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4 years ago

Hi nathanael.springer,

Can you please follow this instruction on this link Unable to login automatically to websites when using Google Chrome? 

Do you have other browser extensions on your Google Chrome?
And just to check, have you tried using the Password Manager on a different browser? If not, would it be okay to try it on your device? Then check if the issue still persists. 

Let us know how it goes 
- Ann

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