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Tue, Nov 10, 2020 9:33 PM

Password Manager export passwords

When I sign into my Trend Micro account, go to resources, open and sign-in to Password Manager, I click on my name, then settings; there I should see a tab called "DATA" where I should be able to export, but it's mot there; I tried this with Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, with no luck. Because the program is bundled with Maximum Security product, I am not able to install the standalone product. Also, the Password Manager extension is not working in any of the browsers. The extension has an exclamation mark; when I click on it an error message pops-up "Unable to help with your passwords". One of the remedies is to reinstall the password manager, which I can't as a standalone application. I can access all my passwords on the desktop, but can't use the extension or export data. Any solution would be appreciated. Thank you.