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Fri, Sep 4, 2020 3:22 PM


Full Featured Password Manager for New Chromium Microsoft Edge Browser. Where is it?

After a year, we still do not have a full featured Password Manager product... this sucks!

Now, Microsoft is pushing new chromium Edge browser as part of regular Windows update... so, the old Edge is gone along with the major features of Password Manager.

Trend Micro development team what gives? Consider re-evaluating what users consider value-add. Change priorities to get this out to market.... make these previous features available to model the existing set of features contained in the previous Edge. Oh, and, please do not tell me about using the Password Portal instead! I already know this... again, looking to get the same set of features I had under the old Edge version.

A tenant of software development is not to remove existing features or functions from the software. After a year, the development guide for the new chromium Edge extensions, and, now, the forced adoption of chromium Edge by Microsoft, this is the net effect to end users. To be frank, I am getting ready to move over to similar software by another vendor. My loyalty to TM is pretty much gone now.

Can we get a straight answer on a release date (which is not vague)?