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Friday, April 22nd, 2022 10:54 AM



My IPhone 8 is locked from the internet, trend has blocked the connection to it.

I have trend on my iPhone and six days ago it decided to stop my phone from having access to the internet, which means I have no connection for my e mails or any internet use at all, I cannot even send a email to trend asking for help. 
I also have trend on my laptop that runs windows 10 and it takes so long to load, but, in the last few weeks I have had that much trouble with it locking up with trend and other programs. I have had the program trend for around 15 years or so and until the last 4 months or so I’ve had no end of trouble with it. Maybe I should I say I have found it to be the root of most of my problems. I would like to know where I go for some help from someone who has a idea of what is going on.



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1 year ago

Hi, wjudd3123!


May I know what is the version of Trend Micro program installed on your device? Did you also get the any error messages? We would appreciate it if you can send us a screenshot so we can check. You may also try to follow these steps below on your computer:

  1. On your keyboard, please press the Windows icon and R key at the same time.
  2. Type supporttool and click OK.
  3. Click Yes when the User Account Control window appears.
  4. On the Diagnostic Toolkit window, click (C) Uninstall tab, then click 5. Stop all components.
  5. Wait for a minute, then click on 2. Delete Now and 3. Delete Now.
  6. Wait for another minute and open Trend Micro.
  7. Check and monitor if you will still get the message.

On your iPhone, you may try to uninstall Trend Micro to check if it's causing the issue why you can't connect to the internet.


- TM_Rochelle

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