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Sat, Nov 12, 2022 8:06 AM

Website block that i searched for

I searched for a company that sell irons, clothing irons and it wont let me in the fucking site. Not warning, no option to ignore the overzealous 'protection', it just says 'off limits. Category; shopping, spam'. No fucking duh its shopping I am trying to bye an iron!

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18 days ago

Hi @jesspint!

Can you give me the website link?

Trend Micro Security uses Web Reputation Technology to detect if websites are safe, dangerous, or suspicious. This technology considers website maturity, activities, and prevalence in scoring the website.

We can file for the website to be reclassified on the Global Site Safety website.

Paste the link in the box and tap on Check Now!

After checking, it will give you the result of the test. Click the Reclassify button to submit a request.
Keep me posted!



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