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Saturday, January 28th, 2023 11:31 PM




Sorry if this is a duplicate, the webpage seemed to have cleared my post text.

Hello, I have a Galaxy s7 tab and a brand new, got it last week, Galaxy S22 and the web guard continually turns off on both devices. I have followed the guidance on the blog but updating the app does not resolve this. Can you please address this bug in your app, ASAP. It is getting very frustrating and increasing the risks I subscribed to your service to mitigate.

Thank you for your quck response and solution.


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8 months ago

Hi @mjmcgow,

It is possible that Device Care feature of Samsung is preventing the Web Guard to fully function. 

The Web Guard feature of your Mobile Security for Android keeps turning off because your device uses Power Saving Mode to save battery, which stops the running apps.

One of the feature of Device Care is optimizing your battery by closing some running apps in the background.

To exclude Mobile Security from Device Care, kindly go to Phone Settings, look for Battery and Device Care, Tap on Memory then Excluded Apps. On the top right, tap the + Icon and look for Mobile Security.

For your reference about Samsung Device Care, kindly visit the link below:
What is Device Care and how do I use it?

-TM Chris


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