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Sat, Jan 30, 2021 1:31 AM


Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android Incorrect Web Filtering Behaviour


I have now received my Galaxy S21 Ultra and decided to try out Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android.

First, congratulations, it is a very comprehensive and well built product, that also follows the UI framework of the desktop products.

However, web filtering has an incorrect behaviour when searching on google.

If for example a google search is performed on "15.k", the following alert appears:

However, I did not attempt to open 15.k as a website, I simply performed a Google Search on that.

The same can be triggered with any search.

To trigger the alert bellow I performed a search on "trigger.behaviour test". I am using Google Chrome for Android.

I am using the aggressive web filtering setting.

The issue occurs not only when typing the search criteria in the omni bar, but also in search field.