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Sat, Jun 9, 2018 12:58 AM


Trend Micro for the phone made me format my memory card

I have an LG K20.  It's software Android version 7.0 encrypts the memory card so that if someone jacks my phone, they can't get the data off my memory card by removing it and plugging it into a computer.
I've scanned my phone before.  I did not initiate this scan.  I was running a game.  I was switching from data to wifi when I saw it.   I switched to wifi, then I clicked on the notification so it was running on top. (It was making my game laggy anyway.)  I did not watch it.  My phone went to sleep when it was done.  When I woke my phone, it had a notification that I had to format my memory card.  I pulled my phone apart and left the battery out, cleaned my phone's inside, and then put it back together and restarted it.  It still had the format notification. I hooked up my memory card to my computer and it said that I needed to format it.
There was no virus on my memory card.  The only things I know was added to it since the last scan was some pictures I took (or screen shots).  I am lucky that I backed up my memory card on a hard drive that I have.  That was time consuming because when you try to move too much off the phone it freezes and you have to restart it.