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Sun, Oct 25, 2020 5:38 PM


Trend desktop App brilliant, Trend Mobile Pain in the (0) butt about to remove it.

I use trend Max on all my desktops and recommend it to all other PC users, but Trend mobile gives me messages all day ling telling me I need to give more access to more things but does not tell me what. I don't give access to things like My Microphone, my Camera, or anything confidential, I also don't use Social media or twitter but am asked to sign in to them and give trend app access to them, Do I need to create social accounts to use Trend?

I at one time gave Google access to my photo's and it was not long before I saw my personal family photos all over the place, and even got a message from Google saying what lovely pictures I have, one was also a personal picture of my wife and daughter at a whine farm that was taken on my phone.

Please tell me how I can stop getting messages saying my phone is at risk because I am not sharing my camera and Mic and do not use my phone for any social media or twitter, is trend mobile security only meant for Kids. Hope Trend can fix the problem or I will need to move to a proper security App. Trust me share your mic and camera on your phone the hacking world will have full access to them and No AV app will stop them. If Microsoft or Adobe can check what other apps you run on your computer and the validity of all your apps via the back doors in their apps, so can hackers use them. and when you agree to any of their "I Agree" you have given away all your rights to privacy anyway and opened your PC to for other to do the same. We need security software these days and that why we spend money on buying apps like Trend etc, but we do not need privacy theft of our use and data. Trend, we need you so protect our data and do not use it for financial gain and use or sale of our confidential data.