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Fri, May 29, 2020 3:01 PM

Notification & fast scan speed

Hi, I've been getting notifications occasionally that say theres an issue but then I go to look at the issue thru the TM app and there's nothing. I recently got a video message thru messenger, I opened the thread but did not click on the video. The title to the video was "is this you". I deleted the entire thread. Since then, I got a notification of a file download with subject "package insert". I swiped the notification away and did not open it. I had not been online to download anything. I looked in file manager on my android and there is no new files downloaded. I then ran my TM AV scanner, it went way too fast to scan all files. Last time TM AV was scanning this fast I discovered C2 URL & IP address attempts that TM AV was blocking. I did a full factory reset after that happened.
I think this is a newer threat my TM AV isn't picking up. Anyone have this happen?