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Fri, May 22, 2020 9:19 PM


OSX_REFOGKEYLOGGER.MSGKD15; "Unable to Quarantine"

Hi - Trend Micro is finding the following file on my Mac: OSX_REFOGKEYLOGGER.MSGKD15. But it also says: "Unable to Quarantine."

The location is /System/Library/CoreServices/MRT.app/Contents/MacOS/MRT. It's found a nine instances of the file over the last few days.

It appeared first on May 15, here: /.PKInstallSandboxManager-SystemSoftware/3DA8B512-63A9-4937-9496-F790B9C7FB62.activeSandbox/Root/System/Library/CoreServices/MRT.app/Contents/MacOS/.BC.T_NT85D0, which Trend Micro Cleaned.

But there have been nine instances since then -- all at /System/Library/CoreServices/MRT.app/Contents/MacOS/MRT, and all with the "Unable to Quarantine" message.

Any advice? Many thanks!