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Tue, Jun 16, 2020 10:36 PM


Legacy system extensions for macOS

I keep receiving a macOS display message informing myself that a system extension with Trend micro, known as a legacy system extension, will not be compatible with future versions of macOS. Apple are said top be working with developers to help transition their software so it will be supported in the future.

Can you please confirm if Trend micro is aware of this issue and that the programs and extensions will be compatible with future macOS versions?

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2 years ago

Welcome to the Trend Micro Community, aaron01james!


This message appears because Antivirus for Mac will need to be updated to improve compatibility with the new Mac operating system when it is released in the Fall of 2020. Trend Micro will release a version of Antivirus for Mac that is compatible with the next version of macOS before it is released to ensure that you have continuous protection for your Mac.


Know more about it here: Popup: Legacy System Extension (Antivirus for Mac)



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