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Thursday, July 4th, 2024 7:34 AM

ID Protection issues

Everything is good except two things from my perspective.

1. When I am accessing the Vault it shows that I have no passwords or secure notes saved or basically no credentials saved. After some time the server gets updated and starts showing my data over there. It happens over ID Protection for android or Windows toolbar of ID Protection. It would be appreciated if Trend Micro makes ID Protection's vault as smooth and without any delay in displaying the data over there.

2. Its a basic issue but worth improving. Please provide an Export option as well so that one can save the data over external devices. As I have encrypted devices so it would be good if export option as a backup is provided via an update.

At last this app is worth every penny and it is much better in terms of usability as compared to the traditional Password Manager of Trend Micro. Plus all the features like ad and tracker blockers and dark web monitoring makes it unique.



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19 days ago

Hi @Anime_007,

1. I've replicated this on our end with several devices (Android and Windows) multiple times, and the data on the Vault (Passwords and Secure Notes) are displaying immediately or with minimal delay (1-3 seconds). There is no reported downtime on the server and internet connection can be a factor on the delay as well.

2. Since ID Protection is a new product, we are continuously working to enhance its capabilities and introduce new features that will further improve your experience. While the Export Feature is not yet included, we want to assure you that we are actively working on updates and enhancements to meet our users' needs. As of now, ID Protection only has the Import Password feature.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and are thrilled to hear that you find it better in terms of availability.

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