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Monday, May 16th, 2022 7:36 AM



Some satisfaction that's what I'm looking for. You don't mind taking my money but then you leave me hanging, WHY DO you do that?

​You asked for my feedback, when I clicked on YES I was sent to your home page as though YOU forgot what YOU asked for. I had to sign in AGAIN! In the middle of installation I received a message asking me to restart my computer because of my computer Issues. Did you bother to tell me what those issues were? NO, you did't.​

​I have been a customer for numerous years and I'm finding your lack of follow-up each year gets worse.​

​Where do you hide your files? I had to finally look at my UNINSTALL page to find out that I DID NOT have the most recent update, after paying for it. NO doubt no one else in my family does either. But do you ever provide information on updating other devices, NO YOU DON'T! You simply show the next time I am due to give you more money.​

​If there is a problem with my computer, I would certainly like to know about it, if that isn't too much of a problem for you.​

​Rhonda Caywood​

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10 months ago

Hi @rhonda_89_dd3208,

Welcome to Trend Micro Home Users Community!

We've sent you an email to assist you better and take a look at the problem you are encountering closely. We'll be glad to assist you from there.

Please confirm if you received it.

- TM_Kath

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