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Fri, May 7, 2021 10:57 AM

IP Address Change for HNS unit

I was wanting to change the IP Address for HNS unit for two reasons.

1) To enhance my security for Local network

2) To help prevent our kids from tampering with both HNS unit & our Router.

We have HG659b Router connected over Fibre. This was supplied by Spark & the default IP Address is

This is well documented online & therefore relatively easy or easier to get into if left at that.

I was able to change it to

However, as the HNS unit had obtained prior I was wanting to edit the IP Address to so that both devices can communicate with each other. I had DHCP disabled on HG659b.

The reason or benefits of enabling this change is to add another layer of Security to our local network. Would also make it harder for our kids tampering with the setup which we have identified they have done likely when we were out.


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1 m ago

Hi carl.ridling,


I'll relay this product feedback to our team to be considered for future updates. Thank you for this suggestion and we highly value your thoughts about our products. Thanks!


- TM_Reine