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Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 2:25 AM



Green text showing trustworthy sites is gone

I always depended on seeing the which sites were safe to open when doing a search.  Now those safe site, shown in green text is gone.  I depended on them to keep my computer safe and to stay away from untrustworthy sites.  

Is this feature gone?  If it is still available, how do I get it back?

I'm using a desktop computer with Windows 10, Chrome browser.  Google search engine.   Everything on my computer is up to date.

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1 year ago

Hi, veryoldncranky.


Let us further check on this. May I know the following details below, please?

  • Trend Micro program version
  • Trend Micro Toolbar version
  • Google Chrome version

Please check the other Extensions installed on your browser. Uninstall unwanted extensions if there are any. 


You can also try to reinstall the Trend Micro toolbar. You can get the installer on this link: How to add the Trend Micro Toolbar to Google Chrome


- TM_Kim

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