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Sun, Feb 14, 2021 7:32 PM


Ad Blocker at light speed and more.

Sure will save the headaches of sites not trusted. Thanks for making life easier !

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10 m ago

Hi tyler!


We're glad that you like the Ad Blocker feature in Home Network Security. If you have concerns and questions feel free to let us know here in the community. 


- TM_Reine





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@reine_roque Hi,

Is Trend Micro maintaining their own list, or is a third-party list being used to block ads?

I am currently using NextDNS, which is great for adblocking, but I find Home Network Security quite interesting.


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Hi @bvasilev!


Trend Micro Home Network Security Ad block is using a pattern that contains ad service domain name. The domain list is based on the top 100 most popular sites.

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