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Mon, Jan 3, 2022 8:44 PM

2nd device

I'm trying to download this to my 2nd device that my product that I installed on my pc years ago said was available to my account now to my laptop. I am without security because I believed i would have security from this as it said there was 3 devices I could install this product that belonged to me to my account my 2nd device being my laptop. I follow the instructions to download and when I put in the product key I get told that my product key has already been used by another device3 that I assume is my PC but I want my laptop to be my 2nd device on my account what seems to be the problem?? and how can I fix? I deleted a completely FREE 60 day Norton because I was under the impression that this would be available to me and now it is not? I have been fighting with this for 2 days now please help???



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21 d ago

Hi, crimsonwolfking


Welcome to Trend Micro Home Users Community.

Upon checking here, your subscription can still be install on 2 more devices. You may install this on Mac and Windows computers and mobile devices. 


We recently release the latest version of Trend Micro which is Version 17.7, you may install the latest version on your computer using the link below: 


How to install Trend Micro for Windows bought from Best Buy


You may also manage your Trend Micro subscription on our online portal.


Hope this helps.


- TM_Rochelle

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