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Sun, Dec 1, 2019 10:58 AM


We're beginning to think this program is a virus!

To whom it may concern:

1. I was informed by our friend at the cell phone store that Trend Micro program that was installed to optimize my cell phone is a virus and he removed it. I Had critical issues with the cell phone’s navigation system due to Mobil Date dysfunction, as a result I had to purchase a new mobile phone.

2. The password manager that came with The Trends Micro software erased all my passwords on its own, and now it is showing that 4 passwords are unsafe, but all I see is: 1 appear yellow and the rest green, I suppose green means safe, how do you explain this? Also Trend Micro password Manager does not remember the new passwords as it claims: “You’ll never have to remember another password again”, but apparently this is just a false claim, because I can’t even add them manually; which is a pain and a waste.

3. Trend Micro program not only doesn't speed up my PC, it literally freezes my PC just like virus programs do, and apparently for monitory gain. I honestly don't care for Trend Micro to download an advertisement update spam so that you can sell me a renewal, this is not part of the agreed function of services. The entire concept to purchase TREND MICRO for making me wait for an advertisement to download and/or to freeze my system during busy hours of work to sell me renewals is ridiculous.

4. The first PC that Trend Micro was installed on became so unstable from the garbage that the platform installs, the new 1/2 terabyte Solid State Hard Drive became completely FULL, then the entire operating system was erased. As a result i lost all my DATA and records (so frustrating), my old PC is still inoperable. I Had to purchase a new PC in an emergency just to access my e-mails, and now I am having issues with this new PC.

Why should anyone renew TREND MICRO? Any arguments with sound premises?

For the records; In The state of Ohio there are no time limitations for implied warranties in which a product was designed for: obviously this product is not merchantable and violates the laws of the State.

Respectfully, MJ