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Wed, Dec 18, 2019 6:54 AM

Unsubscribing from Community Notifications

Community Notifications come from marketing messages, newsletters and social network notifications. You should also receive notifications if there are new comments and replies to your posts and updates on your followed topics.

If you are not intended to receive this message, please consider unsubscribing to avoid receiving similar emails in the future. Here’s how:

1. Go to Home page of Trend Micro Community Page

2. Click your profile photo and choose Profile Settings from the dropdown menu.

3. Click the Email & Notifications tab.

4. Deselect the slider to turn off the notification options. Click the Save Preferences button after making changes.

Unsubscribing to Community Topics:

1. On the Home page of Trend Micro Community Page, click Topics.

2. Choose a corresponding topic you want to unfollow.

3. Click the Unfollow button.

Unsubscribing to community posts from email:

1. Open the email community notification. At the bottom of the page look for this section and press the "click here" button.

2. Click the Unfollow button for the corresponding post.


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