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Sun, Jun 28, 2020 5:20 PM

Trend Antispam Filter, Correct answer to Office Outlook Closing Problems

Correct answer to Office Outlook Closing Problems that so many are still asking.

The Long delay for Office Outlook closing IS THE TREND ANTISPAM FILTER when outlook does not start you will probably see a greyed outlook icon on the running apps in the taskbar and the cause of outlook not closing or taking a very long time to close IS DUE TO THE TREND ANTISPAM Addon. This has been a long problem for many years now and Trend has not yet resolved it. The problem seems to be that Trend Antispam filter has components that continue to run when closing outlook that prevent outlook from shutting down, now the problem has to do with both Outlooks PST files that remain in a fully locked state when outlook is open and in the part shutting down state these files are still locked and the trend spam addon is still trying to use these files.

so there is a major conflict that causes this delay that can last for quite some time before the PST file system is released. I wish outlook would get rid of PST Files or break them up into several individually locked files, like and INBOX.PST, Sent-Items.pst, and Subfolders.pst and keep any data files not in current use or in idle state unlocked. This will solve so many disadvantages with Outlook like not being able to run a backup of outlook data. Just start a backup of an outlook pst file and while the backup is running attempt to open outlook, it will refuse to open and 99% of the time hang your entire computer until one of the apps abort. But data can also get corrupted at this time. I am sure the MS programmers are probably doing this for some reason but it is also causing many users to look for Office Outlook Alternatives. Outlook is a very useful mailing and contact app. I have 3 computers all on the same local network but in different offices, Business office, Home Office, and private office but have no way to synchronize my outlook Contacts and Sent items, the incoming mail is not a problems as that comes to all my computer inboxes. My NAS cant backup my outlook due to PST and outlook cant use its data files on a network device like a NAS. ITS a PST Nightmare. ☺I Love Trend its saved my "But" several times.