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Monday, August 27th, 2018 11:50 AM


Scheduled Scan is not working

I am not new to Trend. I've had it for years. Tom's instructions are simply on HOW to set up a scheduled scan, which I've had for years and worked fine until just recently. I know HOW to set up a scheduled scan.  I want to know WHY it's not working as it has done in the past and WHY I should continue to renew/pay for something that doesn't work.

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6 years ago

Hi steve.whaley,

Aside from the screen saver and power settings, there are other factors that your Trend Micro program is taking into consideration before it will allow the scheduled scan to run. And those are:
  • If you're using running a full screen application at the time of your scheduled scan
  • High CPU/Disk is busy
  • System Busy (File copy behavior, software installation)
  • Ongoing manual scan/ ongoing software updates
From the list given above, the CPU usage must be taken into consideration and probably the full screen application as well. On the other hand, please try to check if you already have the latest version of Trend Micro Security and perhaps update the software just as suggested by Tom Emmelot.


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6 years ago

Hi, I've been using Trend Micro for some 10 plus years and probably longer, I have had this same problem with my computer for probable the last 6 years, if the computer is locked it will not run the scheduled scan. I have two computers 1 that I lock and the other computer I do not lock, the 1 that I do NOT lock runs the scan at 5am every day, the other computer that I lock has never run the scan and yes the scans are setup the same.

  • I do not run full screen applications and I really hope your not referring to application running maximized but applications like movies and presentation on these computers etc.
  • I have no screen saver set nor have I ever used a screen saver.
  • I have all windows and trend updates (Windows 7 Ultimate)
  • I have the scheduled scan set to run at 5am
  • As far as System Busy well at 5am I can't be sure as I'm not very busy myself.
  • High CPU/Disk is busy, again for over 6 years every single day I think not.
  • I am logged into windows as I am always logged in.
  • My computers are always on, they never get turned off but I do reboot them every week.
When I reported this about 6 years ago I was told not to lock my computer and the scan will run and I have proven this to be the case. BUT this is not a solution but a workaround. I was so frustrated with support not understanding or comprehending the problem I gave up trying.

I think Trend should fix the problem that they have had with there software for over six years.

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Hello Rodney and welcome to the Trend Micro Community!

The Trend Micro program will continue running with the current processes even if the computer is locked, however, the Windows operating system will not allow a new process to run, on your case the scheduled scan process, unless the program is designed to be a screen saver it will not run when the computer is locked, the computer becomes idle and the only process allowed to run is the screen saver application. That's why the Trend Micro scheduled scan on your other computer is running without issues because the computer is not locked.


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