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Tue, Sep 25, 2018 10:36 PM

Information About High Disk Activity of Trend Micro Anti Malware Solution Platform

We have been receiving a number of reported cases of slow computer performance and high disk activity of Trend Micro Anti Malware Solution Platform. This happens due to either of the following: 

  1. Conflicting programs are installed on the computer 
  2. Computer is possibly infected by malware 
  3. Environment issue (e.g. outdated operating system, device specifications, etc.)
  4. Corrupted Trend Micro components

To solve this, please follow the instructions in this link:

Slow PC performance due to high CPU or memory usage of CoreServiceShell.exe
Please note that following the troubleshooting steps requires time and effort. If you need support members to help you with the steps, we recommend that you contact support here: 

Contact Trend Micro Support

CPU usage usually returns to normal after removing the root causes stated in the article above. But if there are no conflicting software, no malware infection, Trend Micro Security has been freshly installed or reinstalled, then we need to find other root cause/s which may be unique to your (or some) computer setup. 

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