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Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 3:52 AM


[FAQ] Seeing BSOD full screen message, what to do

We're seeing more technical support scams recently, where fake critical system error messages are displayed after clicking on a web link or from a recently installed free software. Here're two sample screenshots of this:

NOTE: These are not Trend Micro support phone numbers.

Is my PC infected or broken?
No. An easy way to check is that these messages are contained inside a web browser. It's a tactic by scammers to trick you to think your PC is encountering issues and that you should call them. However, a potentially unwanted software could be residing in your PC, and actions should be taken to remove that software.

What to do if you see these messages:
  • DO NOT call the phone numbers provided
  • Take note of the number that appeared on the message.
  • Take note of the website you last visited before getting the message
  • Take a screenshot of the pop up message
  • End the running process of the browser 
  • Please provide the above info to Trend Micro (you can simply post a message in this community) so we can help inform other customers about these scams
For more detail on what to do, or if you have called the phone numbers provided, please see our online help doc for more info:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Suspected Third Party Technical Support Scams

If you are still concerned, please post in this community and we will help you soon.
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